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How social media helps bridge the gap between home and school
Posted on Saturday 14th June, 2014
Students at School are busy practising their English speaking skills as their teachers, stands at the front of the classroom armed with a smartphone. ...
10 things we would like to say to teachers
Posted on Saturday 14th June, 2014
Parents evenings are not our idea of a fun night out, your complicated grading systems are impenetrable and it would be nice if you talked to us before a crisis...
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Parent Communication

Today, a parent spends his entire life looking after his family, and looks upon his son or daughter to take care of him in his old age. Parents send their children to pursue studies to schools, colleges and outstation Institutes and Coaching Institution. They are always worried about their Child’s Health & Safety, Academic Progress, Participation in Activities, Travel Concerns, Unauthorised Absenteeism etc. Any mishap or accident or loss in life leaves a painful void in Parent’s life’s forever.

          Your present Institution has a great reputation for its students, administration and laurels. However, keeping up with the current trends in Technology and addressing Safety issues, we see a lot of potential for this School – Parent Communication facility for developing sense responsibility among the both. Be it Emergency or Regular circulars, Homework, Behavioural issues, Attendance, Late Coming, Fee Reminders & Notices, Projects & Assignments. All this is done Class by Class....Section by Section....Student by Student,  We at “NCDMAlert” help you to bridge these gaps and empower the Parents to help the Child develop academically. NCDM Alert helps you overcome the communication gaps and give confidence back to the Parents confirming that the ward is in a caring environment. With an accomplished team of experts having excellent credentials, we specialise in SMS(Short Messaing Service).  We also provide  IVRS ie Interactive Voice Response System, Auto Dialer and  Email Services.

ncdm alerts for parent communication
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